Apex Racing Lab Sim Trailer at VIR for IMSA

We will be making our debut of our new sim trailer at VIRginia International Raceway during the IMSA race weekend!

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One of the early versions of arcade and video games, simulated racing games make you feel you’re actually driving like a pro, using virtual reality and racing simulator technology. It even includes real-world sim racing components so you can feel the suspension, tire wear, grip, and more. Sim racing aims to reflect the actual driving experience as an esport and can be either individual or multiplayer.

Across the 1980s and 1990s, video and arcade game setups pushed technology further and further, giving players a higher-quality experience. The game which officially introduced a separation between arcade-style and sim racing was Indy500 which implemented more realistic telemetry and physics (you could feel the grip loss at high-speed turns for the first time). This became the first generation of authentic simracing, leading us to where we are today. Subsequent games branched into adding 3D imaging, realistic graphics, and – eventually – virtual reality.

Our racing rigs will give you the authentic sensation of car handling – what happens when your tires lose traction? You’ll feel that and also learn how to enter and exit turns, without sacrificing speed. Top-tier pros even use simulators so they can memorize the tracks to avoid common or dangerous mishaps, while actually feeling the g-forces. Don’t eliminate these real-world variables to focus exclusively on speed! Get the complete realistic racing experience on one of our sim rigs.

Where at-home PC versions and video games use a joystick, mouse and keyboard, or hand-held controller, our rigs include a simulator complete with steering wheel, pedals, dashboard, and software. Whether you’re a casual racing enthusiast or one who wants to push yourself to the limits in endurance racing events, you’ll feel like you’re at the track, living the dream of driving a professional racecar.

    Event Details